jam SHD


Clever and discreet.

HANSATON’s jam SHD product family includes both traditional Behind-the-ear hearing systems and numerous convenient In-the-ear solutions. You as a hearing system wearer benefit from a wide range of state-of-the-art technology. jam SHD hearing systems are available in four technology classes. The innovative AutoSurround SHD and SpeechBeam SHD functions provide 360° speech clarity and brilliant sound. They adapt easily and comfortably to everyday situations without the hassle of manual adjustment, giving you maximum freedom and flexibility in your day-to-day life.

HANSATON’s in-the-ear hearing solutions are so small, they’re barely noticeable. Hidden deep inside the wearer’s ear canal, they boost individual well-being and provide a sense of security. Our dirt-repellent, plasma-coated hearing systems promise exceptional, long-lasting wearing comfort. Thanks to cutting-edge 3D modeling technology (Individual Acoustic Modeling), we can adjust not only the housings of our tiny hearing systems to fit your ear canal, but the microphones inside them as well. Evaluating several thousand data points on your individual ear mold helps us make sure that your hearing system is manufactured perfectly for your ear.